August 10, 2019

A time-tested private firm that will further prosper

by Randa Osman | The journey to success is like a wall that must be climbed in a step by step manner with patience and persistence. ” These are the words of an initially desperate housewife who sold chicken in her neighbourhood to make ends meet and has decades later grown to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Eritrea through her relentless hard-work, overcoming countless obstacles and challenges. Mrs. Azieb is the owner of one of the biggest private dairy farms in the country, producing 3000 to 4000 liters of milk a day in addition to yoghurt, butter and nineteen different kinds of cheese. The farm is located in Halhale, Zoba Debub, and the firm sells its products through its three outlets in Asmara — Akrya, Tiravollo and Marcato. It is also a major provider of dairy products to mining companies at Bisha and Zara, Hotel Asmara Palace and many other hotels and restaurants.



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A time-tested private firm that will further prosper