February 2, 2019

Al-Jazeera’s wayward demeanor

Qatari-Government funded TV Channel, Al Jazeera, published last week a defamatory article on Eritrea under the baffling title: “From Abu Dhabi to Washington, how Eritrea turned into a new African weapon”.The unsigned article, which evidently reflects the editorial policy of the Channel, is but the latest in a series of gratuitous smear campaigns that the Channel has been churning out intermittently both in its English and Arabic TV broadcasts as well as in its printed media websites.What has prompted Al Jazeera to wage relentless smear campaigns against Eritrea in the past few years remains a riddle that the corporation has to explain.  What is more puzzling is Al Jazeera’s audacity and duplicity to liberally impugn Eritrea (and other countries in the Gulf-Horn of Africa region) for “foreign policy adventures” when it keeps mum on Qatar’s military interventions in Libya and Syria or on matters of the large US  military base Doha has hosted for decades.

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