October 17, 2020

Eritrea: Overview of its National Curriculum

by  Habtom Tesfamichael | On Oct 14, 2020The Government of the State of Eritrea considers education the cornerstone of all national development efforts, and has adopted a national education policy that advances the knowledge and skills required for a vibrant and competitive economy. It has been making significant investments in the development of human resources by providing education and health services for the entire people so that they can fully participate in the civic, cultural, political, social and economic affairs of their nation.The national policy of education of the State of Eritrea states that the provision of sound basic education is both a human right and a tool that raises the overall awareness of citizens, which enhances productivity. It also emphasizes that education at middle and secondary schools should integrate knowledge and skills in order to prepare students for higher education, on the one hand, and occupation in different fields of work, on the other.


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