July 9, 2021

Ministries of Agriculture and Marine Resources Jointly Promote Bio-fertilizers and Bio-pesticides

The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is making considerable efforts to improve production of organic food through promoting bio-fertilizers (BF) and bio-pesticides (BP). Even though the MoA has carried out a number of interventions for promoting natural pesticides and fertilizers over several years, the impact was not promising until 2020. In early 2021, the MoA, along with the Ministry of Marine Resources (MoMR), began the process of introducing BF and BP. Relevant experts from various sectors, including the private sector, came together to establish a technical committee on February 11, 2021.According to Mr. Dermas Sultan, chairperson of the technical committee and also a soil researcher at the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), the general objective of the initiative is to contribute to producing safe and nutritious…


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