May 14, 2021

Nakfa: a symbol of resilience

By Simon Weldemichael
Liberated on 22nd March 1977 by the EPLF, Nakfa is the national symbol of Eritrea and a foundation for Eritrean nationalism. Eritreans commemorate the liberation of Nakfa with great pride and enthusiasm. Nakfa was the center of gravity of the Eritrean revolution. There are few places and words that gained popularity during the thirty-year war of liberation. Nakfa, Sahel, Denden, perseverance, resilience, sacrifice, freedom fighters and EPLF are some of the words and places that had popularity in the struggle for the independence of Eritrea. One cannot visualize the profundity of the revolution that brought about radical transformation in the Eritrean society without referring to these places and concepts.In the national narrative of Eritrea, Nakfa is a symbol of resilience and perseverance. During the long and bitter armed struggle, Nakfa proved to be…


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