August 3, 2019

Sawa man & woman: a ‘Renaissance citizen’ of our times!

by Amanuel Zekarias | When I was a freshman student, I was quite interested in the fascinating nature of History 101. The reason was it helped me a great deal to comprehend a lot about history. Particularly for me, it was a captivating experience to identify myself with glorious civilizations and battles that were filled with thrilling adventure and danger. The customary history of civilizations goes like this: ‘ancient Greece begot Rome, Rome begot Christian Europe, Christian Europe begot the Renaissance, the Renaissance was the Enlightenment, the Enlightenment begot the industrial revolution and the modern world…etc. Learning history reveals that the rise and fall of every society was often sparked through a fierce battle for power. We also learned that history has its own way of twisting or manipulating approaches. For example, history insists that the rise of a particular society, say the West, is not only natural but is a continuation of what all humans had gone through.


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