May 2, 2020

Contribution to fight
COVID-19 pandemic
Part III

Asmara, 25 April 2020
113 individuals in Tiravolo sub-zone extended material support worth 328 thousand Nakfa to 328 disadvantaged citizens in their area.76 house owners in Godaif sub-zone decided that 251 families that have rented their houses to live free of rental payment ranging from one to four months while other 11 families to stay until the corona virus is fully contained.54 nationals residing in Paradizo sub-zone also extended material and sanitation products support to 70 disadvantaged citizens in their area.A national residing in the US on her part decided that the family that has rented her house to stay free of rental fee until the corona virus pandemic is put under control and another national allowed 6 families stay free of charge in his house in Weki-Duba for one month.In the same vein, Jerusalem general spare parts shop contributed one washing machine and sanitation materials worth 52 thousand Nakfa.


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