Interview avec Mohamed Hassan

Interview avec Mohamed HassanComment Poutine force les Etats Unis à dévoiler leur jeu

Réalisée par :Grégoire Lalieu
Quand Poutine a proposé à la tribune des Nations unies de former contre les terroristes une coalition semblable à celle contre Hitler, les chancelleries occidentales lui ont réservé un accueil mitigé. Pire, les premières frappes russes ont créé l’émoi : Poutine s’attaquerait aux rebelles modérés plutôt qu’à Daesh. « Quels rebelles modérés ? » demande Mohamed Hassan.

Ministry of Tourism: National Tourism Development Plan 2000-2020

skalu Menkerios

Tourism, including both international and domestic tourism, is one of the most dynamic and important socioeconomic sectors in the World today, and Contributes almost 12 per cent to the global economy. In 1998, there were 625 Million international tourist arrivals globes, which generated a total of US$445 Billion in foreign exchange. On a global basis, international tourism is projected to continue growing at 4-5 per cent annually in the 21st century. (more…)

Ministry of Tourism: The ancient port of Adulis

by Yishak Yaried | Adulis which is historically known, as one of the metropolitan city of the Axumite empire is an archeological site in the Northern Red Sea region, about 40 kilometers south of Massawa. According to Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, Adulis was the port of the Kingdom of Aksum, located on the coast of the Red Sea. Adulis Bay is named after the port.

It is thought that the modern town of Zula may be the Adulis of Aksumite times, as Zula may reflect the native name for the Greek “Adulis.” (more…)


The laws of criminal procedure are introduced to preserve the balance, throughout the process from the reporting of an offence through to the final judgment, between the fundamental rights due to the accused and the interests of the public in the criminal process. That any person suspected or accused of a crime is to be presumed innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt; that he (she) is to be insulated from unwarranted investigation and prosecution; that, as needed, select persons shall always be assisted by counsel; that due process be given the accused in the investigation, prosecution and trial stages in a speedy and just manner are some of the rights that all persons suspected of accused of any offence under Eritrean laws are accorded.

The Code will simultaneously accommodate the interests of the public through the establishment of clearly demarcated lines of function, authority and relationship among the various institutions that represent the interest of the public in the criminal process, viz. the courts, the prosecution department, the police, the prison authorities and other similarly constituted organs, by also allowing the public, especially the alleged victims of crimes, in actively participating in the overall objective of prevention and swift prosecution of offences. (more…)

الاجراءات الجنائية

أن قوانين الاجراءات الجنائية قد وضعت للحفاظ على التوازن ، خلال كل العملية من تقديم التقرير حول الجرم الى صدور الحكم النهائي ، بين الحقوق الاساسية للمتهم ومصالح الراى العام في العملية الجنائية ، أن أى مشتبه به أو متهم بإرتكاب جريمة ما يجب أن يعامل بإنه برئ حتى تثبت إدانته بعيداً عن أى شك ، وأنه يجب أن يكون بمعزل عن التحقيقات والمقاضاة غير المرخص بها، وأنه كلما كانت هنالك حاجة، فإن الاشخاص المختارون يجب أن تتم مساعدتهم بالمشورة وأن المتهم يجب أن يخضع لمعاملة نزية أثناء مراحل التحقيق والمقاضاة بإسلوب يتسم بالسرعة والعدالة ، هى جزء من الحقوق التى توفرها القوانين الارترية لكل الاشخاص المشتبه بهم بإرتكاب جريمة ما . أن القانون الجنائي سيضمن تلقائياً مصالح الراى العام من خلال إقامة الخطوط الواضحة بين الوظائف والسلطات والعلاقات بين المؤسسات المختلفة التى تمثل مصالح الراى العام في العملية الجنائية مثل المحاكم وأقسام النيابة، والشرطة ، وسلطات السجون ، وغيرها من المؤسسات المكونة بشكل مماثل ، وعن طريق السماح للراى العام، وبصفة خاصة ضحايا الجرائم في المشاركة النشطة في الاهداف العامة لعملية منع الجرائم والمقاضاة السريعة. (more…)

ሕጊ ገበናዊ ስርዓት ሃገረ-ኤርትራ

ሕጊ ገበናዊ ስርዓት ሃገረ-ኤርትራሕጊ ገበናዊ ስርዓት፣ ካብ ምሕባር ፍጻመ ገበን ክሳዕ ናይ መወዳእታ ውሳነ ምሃብ ኣብ ዚካየድ ገበናዊ መስርሕ ኣብ መንጎ መሰረታውያን መሰላት ክሱስን ህዝባዊ ረብሓን ሚዛን ንምሕላው ዝተኣታቶ ሕጊ እዩ። ገበን ከም ዝፈጸመ ዝተጠርጠረ ወይ ክሲ ዝቐረበሉ ዝኾነ ሰብ ነቲ ገበን ከም ዝፈጸሞ ኲኖ ርትዓዊ ጥርጣረ መርትዖ ክሳዕ ዚቐርበሉ ከም ንጹህ ሰብ ኪቝጸር ከም ዘለዎ፣ ካብ ዘይግቡእ ምርመራን ክስን ሓራ ኪኸውን፣ ሓገዝ ኣማኸርቲ ከም ዘድልዮም ዝተለልዩ ገለ ሰባት ኵሉ ግዜ ሓገዝ ኣማኸርቲ ኺረኽቡ፣ ሓደ ኽሱስ ኣብ መስርሕ ምርመራ ገበን፣ ክስን፣ መስርሕ ዳንነትን ብቕልጡፍን ፍትሓውን ኣገባብ ግቡእ መስርሕ ፍርዲ ኺረክብ ከም ዚግባእ፣ ገለ ኻብቶም ንሕግታት ኤርትራ ብምጥሓሶም ገበን ከም ዝፈጸሙ ንዝተጠርጠሩ ወይ ዝተኸሱ ሰባት ዚወሃቡ መሰላት እዮም። ጐኒ ጐኒ እዚ፣ እዚ ሕጊ እዚ ነቲ ኣብ መንጎ እቶም ኣብ ገበናዊ መስርሕ ህዝባዊ ረብሓ ዚውክሉ ዝተፈላለዩ ትካላት፣ ብፍላይ ድማ ኣብያተ ፍርዲ፣ ምኽባር ሕጊ፣ ፖሊስ፣ ሰብ መዚ ኣብያተ ማእሰርትን ካልኦት ብተመሳሳሊ ደረጃ ዝቘሙ ኣካላትን ኺህሉ ዚድለ ደረታት ዕማም፣ ስልጣንን ዝምድናታትን ብንጹር ብምምልካት ህዝባዊ ረብሓ ይሕሉ። ህዝቢ፣ ብፍላይ ድማ በቲ ብቐጥታ ይጽለዉ እዮም ዚብሃሉ ብዱላት፣ ኣብቲ ኣጠቓላሊ ዕላማ ምክልኻል ገበናትን ቅልጡፍ መስርሕ ገበናዊ ኽስን ብንጡፍ ከም ዚዋስኡ ብምግባርውን ህዝባዊ ረብሓ ይሕሉ። (more…)

Legal Notice No. 124/2015 Legal
Tender Nakfa Currency Notes Regulations

Legal Notice No. 124/2015 Legal Tender Nakfa Currency Notes Regulations

Article 1.   Issuing Authority.

The Bank of Eritrea hereby issues these Regulations pursuant to authority vested in it by Articles 5 and 52 of the Bank of Eritrea Proclamation No. 93/1997. (more…)

Government of the State of Eritrea
Food Security Strategy

H.E. Ato Arefaine Berhe

H.E. Ato Arefaine Berhe

Eritrea is a poor country with an estimated annual GDP of about US$ 180 per capita. At independence, the government concentrated on meeting the emergency needs of the people, rebuilding and rehabilitating its economic and social infrastructure and the institutions essential for achieving rapid economic and social development. The Government put in place a Macro Economic Policy Framework (Para. 1.11) and made key investments in priority sectors of the economy to accelerate economic recovery and address the deep-rooted problems of poverty.

Fisheries in Eritrea

Map: Fisheries in Eritrea

Map: Fisheries in Eritrea

Brief Background of the Eritrean Fisheries Sector
The Eritrean Fisheries Sector had been active in the 1950¡¯s and 1960¡¯s. The sector was at a relatively developed stage compared to other fisheries in the Sub-Saharan Africa and the Red Sea region as well. (more…)

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