National tourism development plan for Eritrea 2000-2020

National tourism development plan for Eritrea 2000-2020Tourism is one of the most dynamic socioeconomic sectors in the world today, and constitutes about 12 per cent of the global economy.

With its many natural and cultural attractions and a location relatively near major tourist markets in Europe and the Middle East, Eritrea potentially can participate in the growth and benefits of tourism. However, it is essential that tourism be well planned and managed if it is to bring benefits without too many problems.

Keren : Its Origin And Development
by Mebrahtu Abraham

Keren : Its Origin And Development

by Alemseged Tesfai | It is not often that one comes across young Eritreans with the passion and the drive to research and write on topics of history. Mebrahtu Abraham was an exception. In less than a year with the History Project of the PFDJ. He made a profound impression on all who worked with him and left a wealth of oral history interviews with prominent people on various aspects of Eritrea’s remote and recent past. His tenure at the cultural Assets Rehabilitation Project of Eritrea (CARP) was also marked by exemplary professionalism and effectiveness. (more…)

ታሪኻዊ ተጻብኦ ውድብ ሕቡራት ሃገራት ንኤርትራ እንታይ’ዩ ዕላማኡ.?!

ዶ/ር ኣሕመድ ሓሰን ድሕሊ

ታሪኻዊ ተጻብኦ ውድብ ሕቡራት ሃገራት ንኤርትራ እንታይ’ዩ ዕላማኡ.?!

ባይቶ ሰብኣዊ መሰላት ውድብ ሕቡራት ሃገራት ብ27 ሰነ 2014 ዘቆሞ ኮምሽን መርማሪ ሰብኣዊ መሰላት ኣብ ኤርትራ ንዓመት ምሉእ ዘካየዶ 484 ገጻት ዝሓዘ ውጹእ ሓሶትን ኣጸላምን ጸብጻቡ ብ8 ሰነ 2015 ኣቕሪቡ። እዚ ጸብጻብ’ዚ ድማ ብ23 ሰነ 2015 ናብ ባይቶ ሰብኣዊ መሰላት ኣብ ጄነቫ ቀሪቡ።
እቲ ጸብጻብ ኣብ መእተዊኡ ጥንታዊ ታሪኽ ኤርትራ ብምጥቃስ፡ 5000 ቅድሚ ልደተ ክርስቶስ ዕድመ ዘለዎ ናይ ሕርሻ ቅርሲታት ከም ዘሎ ብምምልካት፡ ኤርትራ 25 ዘመን ቅድሚ ልደተ ክርስቶስ ብፎርዖናውያን ምስሪ መሬት ቡንት ተባሂላ ትግለጽ ምንባራ የረድእ።

ماذا وراء عداء الامم المتحدة التاريخي لإرتريا

ماذا وراء عداء الامم المتحدة التاريخي لإرتريا

بقلم: د.احمد حسن دحلي

نشرت ” مفوضية تقصي الحقائق عن حقوق الانسان في ارتريا ” التي شكلها في 27 يونيو 2014 مجلس حقوق الانسان التابع للأمم المتحدة، في الثامن من يونيو 2015 تقريرا مطولا زائفا ومزيفا عن ارتريا يقع في 484 صفحة تم إعداده خلال سنة كاملة ورفع هذا التقرير في 23 يونيو الى مجلس حقوق الانسان في جنيف . ويبدأ التقرير بتقديم عرض تاريخي موجز عن تاريخ ارتريا القديم منوها الى ان الحفريات الاثرية أكدت وجود دلائل تاريخية عن اثار زراعية تعود الى 5000 سنة قبل الميلاد ، وان ارتريا عرفت قبل 25 قرن قبل الميلاد بأرض البونت لدى الفراعنة المصريين. وما يهمنا في هذا الصدد تسليط الاضواء على المنهجية الانتقائية التي اعتمدتها المفوضية في اعداد تقريرها وبما يخدم الغاية المحددة له مع سابق اصرار وترصد، ألا وهي لوي عنق الحقائق التاريخية الموثقة عالميا، ولا سيما لدى الارشيف التاريخي للأمم المتحدة ذاتها، لكونها كانت مسرحا للعديد من الاحداث التاريخية والسياسية المحورية والمفصلية التي تسببت في مآسي الشعب الارتري التاريخية والسياسية والاجتماعية والاقتصادية والعمرانية، ولقد خاض…

EU Parliament Resolution On Eritrea: Misinformation or Political Bias?

EU Parliament Resolution On Eritrea: Misinformation or Political Bias?The European Parliament’s resolution on Eritrea (2016/25999(RSP)) is appalling for its gratuitous, and grossly distorted, depiction of facts and events in the country. It is indeed a sad sign of our times that an august body with that stature can so casually ignore minimum standards and norms of objectivity and civility to freely insult a small foreign people and country.

The operating paragraphs in the preamble to the EU Parliament resolution represent a catalogue of all the invective peddled against Eritrea by “regime-change” elements and other detractors who have long harboured malice against the independence and sovereignty of the country. (more…)

Statement by H.E. Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea

During the Discussion on the Theme of the Year ‘2016: African Year of Human Rights with a particular focus on Women Rights’ at the 27th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union. 17 July 2016 Kigali, Republic of Rwanda.

H.E. Mr. Osman Saleh

H.E. Mr. Osman Saleh

Mr. Chairman,
Let me at the outset convey to this august Assembly the warm greetings of your brother H.E. Mr. Isaias Afwerki, President of the State of Eritrea. Let me also thank and applaud Rwanda, its government and President Paul Kagame for their exemplary accomplishments. I wish as well to express profound gratitude and appreciation to President Idris Deby of the sisterly Republic of Chad for his astute leadership and commitment and for the breath of fresh air he brought to the workings of our organization by insisting on the unavoidable need for prioritization and focus. (more…)


Economic Advisor, Ministry of National Development

Economic Advisor, Ministry of National Development


Eritrea’s 25thIndependence Anniversary is an opportune event to undertake a sober reflection of the country’s development policy, progress to date, and prospects. The following is a capsulated review of Eritrea’s socio-economic development policy, progress, and a brief outlook of the near future.

At liberation in 1991, the Eritrean economy was in a sorry state. Indeed, an estimated seventy per cent of the population was poor. Abject poverty and deprivation were even greater in rural communities where the majority of citizens lived. Streets and artery roads were destroyed by war machinery, the once vibrant manufacturing sector was in disrepair, and plant machinery had been cannibalized for scrap metal. Furthermore, basic public services such as transportation, healthcare, education and sanitation were almost non-existent.

ርእይቶታትን ትዕዝብቲታትን ኣርባዕተ ኣህጉራውያን
ተመራመርቲ ብዛዕባ ኤርትራ

ዶ/ር ኣሕመድ ሓሰን ድሕሊ

ብርክት ዝበሉ ጽሓፍትን ተመራመርቲን ኣዕሩኽ ኤርትራ ኣብ ብሩራዊ ኢየቤሉ በዓል ናጽነት ኤርትራ ኣብ ዝተሳተፍሉ እዋን፡ ኣብ ሃገራውያንን ኣህጉራውያንን ማዕከናት ዜና ርእይቶታቶምን ትዕዝብቲታቶምን ሂቦም ነይሮም። ካብዚ ቀጺልና እምበኣር ጽማቚ ርእይቶታትን ትዕዝብቲታትን ናይ ኣርባዕተ ካብኣቶም ነቅርብ።

ዶክቶር ኢብራሂም ነስረዲን

ርእይቶታትን ትዕዝብቲታትን ኣርባዕተ ኣህጉራውያን ተመራመርቲ ብዛዕባ ኤርትራياምስራዊ ተመራማሪ፦
ዶክቶር ኢብራሂም ነስረዲን ምስ ጋዜጣ “ኤሪትርያ ኣልሓዲሳ” ኣብ ዝገበሮ ርክብ፡ ብፖለቲካውን ወተሃደራውን መዳይ ኣብ ሓርነታውያን ምንቅስቓሳት ኣፍሪቃ ብዘለዎ ተመኩሮ፡ ሰውራ ኤርትራ በዚ ዝስዕብ ምኽንያታት ናይ ብሓቂ ሓርነታዊ ምንቅስቓስ ክበሃል ዝከኣል ምንቅስቓስ ኣፍሪቃ’ዩ ምስ ገለጸ፡ ምኽንያታቱ ብኸምዚ ዝስዕብ የብርህ።

ቀዳማይ፦ ሰውራ ኤርትራ ተፈላጥነት ኣህጉራዊ ማሕበረሰብ ኣብ ዘይረኸበሉ ኩነታት ተመስሪቱ ከብቅዕ ብጽንዓት ቀጺሉ ድማ ተዓዊቱ።
ካልኣይ፦ ነቶም ምስ ተኸታተልቲ ስርዓታት ሃጸይ ሃይለ ስላሰን ኮሎኔል መንግስቱ ሃይለማርያምን ደው ዝበሉ ምዕራባውያንን ምብራቓውያንን ደምበታት ንበይኑ መኪቱዎም ኣብ መጨረስታ ድም ተዓዊቱ።


Statement by H.E. Ambassador Girma Asmerom,The Permanent Representative of Eritrea during the High Level Dialogue on Human Rights 12- 13 July 2016

Statement by H.E. Ambassador Girma Asmerom The Permanent Representative of Eritrea during the High Level Dialogue on Human Rights 12- 13 July 2016Thank you Mr. President,
Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Human Rights can only be adequately realized in an envirornnent of peace, stability and inclusive development. Therefore holding a high-level discussion on human rights as we embark on the new phase of development initiative, the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development is timely. (more…)

ታሪኻዊ መድረኻት ዕጥቃዊ ተጋድሎ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ
ሬዲዮ ድምጺ ሓፋሽ ኤርትራ

ታሪኻዊ መድረኻት ዕጥቃዊ ተጋድሎ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ሬዲዮ ድምጺ ሓፋሽ ኤርትራ

ካብ ሰነዳት ቁጽሪ 1(19/5/2016)

ኣብ 1961 ዝጀመረ ዕጥቃዊ ተጋድሎ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ፡ ብዙሕ ታሪኻዊ መድረኻት፡ ንሓድሕዶም ዝጸላለው ዝተፈላለዩ ፖለቲካዊን ወተሃደራዊን ምዕባለታት ሰጊሩ’ዩ፡ ድሕሪ ናይ 30 ዓመታት ነዊሕን መሪርን ቃልሲ፡ ኣብ ግንቦት 1991፡ ብኣንጸባራቒ ወተሃደራዊ ዓወት፡ ብናጽነት ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ተደምዲሙ። እቲ ኣብ ዓመተ 1990-1991፡ ኣብ ግንባራት ጊንዳዕን ደቀምሓረን ዝተኻየደ ጽዑቕ ናይ ምርብራብ ውግኣት፡ መጥቃዕቲታት ደንከልን ውሽጢ ኢትዮጵያን፡ ናይ መወዳእታ ግጥም ግንባር ደቀምሓረን ምትሓዝ ኣስመራን እምበኣር፡ ድምር ውጽኢት ናይቶም ዝቐደሙ ኣገደስቲ ወተሃደራዊን ፖለቲካዊን ምዕባለታት እዩ።

ካብ መጥቃዕቲ ናብ ምክልኻል

ኣብ ባሕቲ መስከረም ናይ 1961 ብውሑዳት ተጋደልቲ ዝተወልዐ ሰውራ ኤርትራ፡ ዝተሓላለኸ ጽንኩር እዋናት ሰጊሩ፡ በብቕሩብ ሰብኣዊን ንዋታዊን ዓቕሚን ናይ ኲናት ተሞኩሮን እናደለበ ብምኻድ፡ ኣብ መድረኽ 1977-1978 ንዝሰፍሐ መሬት ኤርትራ ሓራ ከውጽእ ክኢሉ ነበረ። እንተዀነ ብሰንኪ ገዚፍ ምትእትታው ሕብረት ሶቭየት ወተሃደራዊ ሚዛን ሓይሊ ስለዝተቐያየረ፡ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ሓርነት ኤርትራ፡ ነቲ ብደገፍን ምኽሪን ናይ ደገ ሓይልታት፡ ኣብ ጸሊም ኣፍሪቃ፡ ብዕብየቱን ዘመናውነትን ዝበርትዐ ሰራዊት ክሃንጽ ዝኸኣለ

Eritrea at a Glance

Eritrea at a GlancePRE-HISTORY
The earliest hominoid remains in Eritrea date from two million years ago, placing the land near the dawn of humankind on the planet. Stone tools from Abdur-at 125,000 years old-are the earliest, best-dated evidence for human occupation of a coastal marine environment.
Tools found in the Barka Valley from 8000BC are the first evidence of human settlement here. Rock paintings have been found in several sites dating from 2000BC. So far, fifty-one prehistoric sites have been identified across Eritrea, from Karora in the north to Beylul in the southeast, but many more are expected to be discovered in the coming years.

“Commission of Inquiry” Oversteps its Remit

Eritrea has received credible information that the “Commission of Inquiry” (COI) intends to publicly release its forthcoming “report” in advance; well before it is duly submitted to the 32nd Session of the Human Rights Commission. The latter is scheduled to take place from 13 June to 1 July, 2016. This unlawful act is not, unfortunately, without precedent as far as this outfit is concerned. (more…)

Civil Code of State of Eritrea 2015

The process of building a civilized nation strong in all its aspects where peace, justice and tranquility prevail requires the existence of laws appropriately defining the rights and duties of the members of the society. One such law is the Civil Code. Proclamation No. 2/1991 enacted the Transitional Civil Code of Eritrea on 15 September 1991 having made modest amendments, replacements and deletions to certain provisions of the Civil Code which was in force in Eritrea at the time when the country was fully liberated. (more…)


The laws of criminal procedure are introduced to preserve the balance, throughout the process from the reporting of an offence through to the final judgment, between the fundamental rights due to the accused and the interests of the public in the criminal process. That any person suspected or accused of a crime is to be presumed innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt; that he (she) is to be insulated from unwarranted investigation and prosecution; that, as needed, select persons shall always be assisted by counsel; that due process be given the accused in the investigation, prosecution and trial stages in a speedy and just manner are some of the rights that all persons suspected of accused of any offence under Eritrean laws are accorded. (more…)


CODIFICATION OF THE PENAL CODE OF THE STATE OF ERITREAThe Government of Eritrea mandated the Ministry of Justice to draft a Penal Code for the State of Eritrea. The Ministry, to which the drafting and codification of laws is entrusted under Article 2(4)(5) of Legal Notice 14/1993, commenced the drafting process by assembling a team of international experts in the field of criminal law to work in tandem with a national Law Reform Committee composed of Eritrean legal professionals. The Law Reform Committee was instructed to prepare a draft code that was concise, accessible and consistent with the values and aspirations of the Eritrean people. (more…)

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كلمة فخامة الرئيس اسياس افورقي بمناسبة العيد الفضي الوطني للحرية


ዓማጽን ዘይፍትሓውን ውሳነ ቁጽሪ 1907 ኣብ ልዕሊ ኤርትራ

ዓማጽን ዘይፍትሓውን ውሳነ ቁጽሪ 1907 ኣብ ልዕሊ ኤርትራ

Unjust and illegal Security Council Resolution 1907

 Security Council Resolution 1907

قرار مجلس الأمن 1907 ضد ارتريا جائر وغير عادل

Security Council Resolution 1907