January 12, 2019

Dimtsi Hafash: Voice of Truth and Lifeblood of the Revolution

Simon Weldemichael
Dimtsi Hafash Eritrea (Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea), the popular radio broadcasting service that was established by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) in 1979 marked its 40th anniversary on January 1st, 2019. Dmtsi Hafash has been very important to Eritrea and its people for the last 40 years. From its inception, the EPLF understood the importance of media and it published journals and magazines. To effectively support the print media, it began to broadcast on Dimtsi Hafash, on January 1st, 1979, from a tent in Sahel. During that time, the EPLF was in the midst of a strategic withdrawal, and Dimtsi Hafash helped raise the people’s morale and counter Ethiopian propaganda. The long struggle for liberation featured military confrontation, mass mobilization, and propaganda war. In the contest for the hearts and minds of people, Dimtsi Hafash played a significant role which other entities of the EPLF could not.

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