July 18, 2020

Eritrea’s Statement At HRC 44th Regular Session

HRC 44th Regular Session, Item 2: Resolution A/HRC/44/L.8 on Eritrea
Statement by Country Concern – Eritrea, PM of the State of Eritrea
Geneva, 16 June 2020

Madam President,
The present resolution on Eritrea is a vivid illustration of the skewed power balance in this august body and reflects the continued and concerted campaign of certain western countries against Eritrea for sinister political objectives.As we have stressed from the outset, the unwarranted harassment of Eritrea was conceived eight years ago as a residual option – Plan B so to speak – by certain powerful member States to reinforce and supplant if need be, the sanctions regime they had imposed on the country to advance the particular political objectives they were pursuing then.

This was at a time when Eritrea, and the Horn of Africa in general, were entangled in simmering conflicts and wars. These powers were in a position then to solicit pliable partners in Africa to sponsor the Resolution and imbue an “African face” to their nefarious agenda.

That is not the case anymore. Eritrea and its partners in the Horn are earnestly engaged in nurturing a congenial climate and robust architecture of regional peace and cooperation. Eritrea, for its part, is funneling its undivided efforts to resume the heavy tasks of nation-building and reconstruction – in all its dimensions – after decades of interminable tensions and conflict with its neighbor.

In the event, Eritrea strongly rejects the obsolete Report of the SR and its conclusions. I will not waste your time to reiterate here Eritrea’s position on the SR Report as a comprehensive rebuttal to the worn-out, recycled and unfounded allegations was given and circulated at the time.


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