April 2, 2016

History of Eritrea
From Ancient Times to Independence
An outline

History of Eritrea From Ancient Times to Independence An outlinePreface
By: People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ)
“The History of Eritrea: from Ancient Times to Independence” is an outline prepared for the teaching of Eritrean history to students at Warsay-Yikealo Secondary School (Sawa).
Initially, it was designed as a course manual for teachers and reference handout for students. However, realizing its usefulness as an introductory Eritrean history text, it is now being published as a textbook. It is mainly intended to benefit the youth in general and those in the Defense Forces and the Diaspora in particular.
A meticulously researched history of Eritrea, from ancient times to the present, has yet to be written. A huge national endeavor therefore awaits us to document our history through extensive interdisciplinary studies by Eritrean…

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