June 26, 2021

“Human Satellite”

Satellite Aregay

By Kesete Ghebrehiwet
Born and raised in Mensura, Satellite Aregay went to Primary and Junior schools in Mensura subzone. Since there wasn’t any secondary school in her locality, she joined Aqordet Boarding School to begin a decisive journey that paved the road to her success. Her parents supported her to excel at school. She is now head of the Veterinary Science Department at Halhale Agricultural Dairy Farm. My father was a freedom fighter. He was listening to radio programs while he was in the trenches and he learned about satellites and other technological breakthroughs in the 1980s. This was an overwhelming experience for him and he vowed to his friends in the battle fields that he would name his first born child “Satellite” – a human Satellite.


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