May 22, 2021

May – A month of Dignity

By Simon Weldemichael

The year 1991 was a watershed in the history of Eritrea and Ethiopia. After a hundred years of foreign rule, the people of Eritrea, under the leadership of the EPLF, became victorious. After thirty years of armed struggle, Eritrean freedom fighters defeated the military government of Ethiopia and entered Asmara on May 24, 1991. When the EPLF drove out the Derg, it also won the mandate to rejuvenate Eritrea. At long last, the great, courageous and industrious people of Eritrea have stood up with pride and dignity.In 1991, the colonial rule was terminated and Eritreans established an independent and sovereign country and a government of their own. The people of Eritrea have become masters of their own country and hold their future in their own hands. The national charter of Eritrea adopted at the third congress of the EPLF in February 1994, states that “achieving national independence and sovereignty is the conclusion of an important chapter in the history of the people of Eritrea,


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