October 9, 2021

Ministry of Agriculture Newsletter

Ministry of Agriculture Newsletter Ministry of Agriculture Promotes Genetic Resources Conservation

The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is promoting agricultural genetic resources conservation to sustain and improve the country’s indigenous species of plants and farm animals. The launch of the gene bank dates back to May 1992, with the help of Eritrean experts abroad. The Eritrean experts received financial support from the agronomy unit and had the aim of conserving endangered agricultural plant species. Recognizing its importance, the MoA deployed experts and began collecting several seed varieties from different regions of the country. It kept them in freezers procured with the support of various development partners. Despite limited human and infrastructural resources, the collection process was effective and experts managed to collect a considerable number of white cereals and leguminous plant seeds. In addition, a few varieties of fibre, oil, and vegetable seeds were collected.


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