November 6, 2021

MoA: Artificial Insemination To Improve Horse Breeds

Horses are distinguished for their resistance to many animal diseases, generally long lifespan (they may live up to 30 years), considerable strength, remarkable endurance, and ability to withstand heavy work and harsh conditions. Horses still play an important role in Eritrean society, particularly for transporting people and goods and in rural areas. As well, they are used for sport and entertainment in some recreation centers.The history of horses in Eritrea goes back hundreds of years. They were used as one of the major draught animals and were regarded as a symbol of prestige and wealth in society. According to Hienok Ghebrehiwet, the general manager of Horse, Rabbit, and Swine Breeding Centers, and also head of the Meat, Hides, and Skin Development Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture, Eritrea is endowed with two types of horse breeds namely: Abyssinian and Dongola (locally called Jungula). Abyssinian horses are believed to have originally come from Ethiopia, while Dongola horses came from countries of North Africa, such as Sudan and Chad.


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