October 10, 2020

The Harvest of Hard Work

by Billion Temesghen | In the morning hours of August 21st our team headed to Adi Tsenay, a village surrounded by rocky hills in the vicinity of Logo Dam. We, the journalists, were told that the government’s efforts to conserve water aimed at more than providing potable water to the people of villages and towns near the water reservoirs. Our team visited seven villages included in the Logo Dam pilot development project to see what lays beyond water conservation and provision. The villages we visited are Adi Zawl, Adi Kelkelti, Adi Halo, Adi Selait, Adi Tsenay, Adi Sherefeto and Adi Hayo. Adi Tsenay, a village of 245 households, lies on hilly grounds. Small beautiful houses atop the mountains overlook large swaths of farms, some at the feet of the hills and some on top. We were welcomed by a group of farmers, three women and three men, one of whom, Mr. Mebrahtu Weldekiristos, is the administrator of the village.


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