June 27, 2020

The Story of Keren its Origin, Development and Eritrean Contributions

By Abrahaley Habte
To an Eritrean, Keren is home to different ethnic groups, living harmoniously. To an expatriate, if he or she has some clue about recent world history, and especially about the Second World War, Keren may bring to his or her mind the fierce battle between the British and the Italians in 1941. He or she may recall that the British didn’t do it for us. He may reflect that Keren was the fight of two elephants. He or she may recall that the British promised Eritrean askaris in the Italian army, who deserted the Italian army in droves, freedom. He may also recall that the British failed to keep their promise and that we had to do it for ourselves.On May 8, 2019 Eritrea Profile had a story about Keren, in which it reported that the Anseba Zone Culture and Sports Branch was working hard to get ancient and historical buildings in the city into the UNESCO World Heritage List, to which Asmara has gone into some time ago. In ‘Initiative to Put Keren’s Ancient Building in World Heritage List’ Eritrea Profile reported that the city has ancient buildings from the Turkish Empire and the Italian Colonial Era.


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