February 21, 2015

“2015 is a Transition Period Which Gives A Clear Picture of the New Chapter We Are About To Enter”, President Isaias Afwerki

President Isaias Afwerki

It is to be recalled that President Isaias Afwerki conducted an interview with the national media outlets mainly focusing on domestic affairs in connection with the New Year on the 30th of December 2014. In the interview that was broadcast live through Eritrean Television and Dimtsi Hafash highlighting all-round national and regional developments, as well as future prospects, the President shed light on the implementation and progress of development programs, nation-building programs set for implementation in 2015 and other domestic and regional issues. Here is an excerpt of the interview.

Although our questions are mainly about domestic issues, they are highly influenced by regional and global issues and let’s begin with those. In previous years our world has passed through a tumultuous stage. Economic recession, popular uprisings, conflicts and terrorist attacks are all manifestations of this reality. Can you briefly explain to us the current global situation and its forecast and its outlooks?

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