July 17, 2021

47 HRC Session – Eritrea’s Statement
on Draft Resolution HRC_47_L.

Once again, Eritrea is facing the usual ritual that characterized the unjust and unfair treatment by some western countries with the hard-line positions against Eritrea in the pretext of human rights. The futile political ill-intent remains vilification, isolation, and destabilization of the nation. Moreover, the politicized HRC resolutions and mechanisms served as a continuation of the external existential threats including the 2010-2019 unjust sanction driven by the same western countries imposed under the umbrella of the UN. At the time the resolutions and mechanisms also served as a continuation of conflict in the Horn of Africa.The above unjust and unfair treatment defies UN human rights resolutions and international principles that underline the vitality of dignified engagement and international cooperation predicated on partnership. Eritrea’s experience is a testimony that the confrontational approach does not create any dividend in the…


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