October 28, 2020

Eritrea Rejects European Parliament Resolution

Earlier this month, the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning human rights in Eritrea. The outlandish tone and content of the intrusive and vitriolic resolution betray apparent frustration stemming from the utter failure of the destabilization policies that the EP has pursued in the past 20 years.

Several points are well in order. First off, the allegations raised by the European Parliament are utterly false and land far wide of the mark. As just one example, allegations about the seizure of “Catholic-affiliated schools and health facilities, thus negatively affecting the health and education rights of the population,” greatly distort the policies and delivery of health and education programs in Eritrea, and, fail to stand the scrutiny of statistical figures available in the public domain.Second, the European Parliament’s recent resolution is cynical and extremely hypocritical.


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