January 26, 2019

A Look at 8th Commencement of Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry

By Kesete Gebrehiwet | Our nation’s policy of education for all has been successful in reducing illiteracy. Moreover, the numerous achievements within the education sector have positively impacted all aspects of our society.Human resource development in the healthcare sector has helped improve Eritrea’s healthcare system and allow it to reach new levels. One of our nation’s goals is to ensure access to healthcare and an improved standard of living for all. Moreover, access to healthcare is a basic human right. In order to achieve these goals and help protect this important right, the Ministry of Health has heavily invested in educating and training medical and dental experts.The opening of Orotta School of Medicine in 2004 and School of Dentistry in 2007 helped to alleviate the deficit of healthcare professionals in the country and improved the delivery of healthcare services. Through their medical expertise, healthcare professionals have played a vital role in improving people’s lives and allowing our country to achieve some of its strategic goals.


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