January 22, 2023

A million years old three Species of Pigs
From the Site of Buia (Eritrea)

According to modern studies, the origin of the family of pigs is known to be from Asia, and later they appeared in Africa around 21Ma, and around 16.5Ma arrived in Europe and China. Some species are also believed to be evolved in the Indian Subcontinent and dispersed around 13.8Ma to Eurasia. To date, the oldest evidence of the subfamily is known from Early Miocene, and the youngest in the early Late Miocene age, documenting a range from about 20 to 9M.Pigs are intelligent and adaptable animals. They occupy a unique role in several ecosystems, being large and mostly omnivorous mammals. They are known since the late Eocene in Asia and they are present in the wild across the Old World. They have been important to human populations as a source of …


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