January 2, 2022

A Monthly Newsletter prepared by the Public Relations Division
Issue No 42, December 2021

Eritrea: Value Addition Projects for Banana and Citrus Fruits Register Positive Results

Eritrea’s Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is piloting value addition projects for bananas and other citrus fruits. The initiative aims to help increase food alternatives and minimize post-harvest losses. According to Mr. Kahsay Negash, Director of Crop and Livestock Development Division at the MoA’s Agricultural Extension Department, the projects, which were launched in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) three years ago, are delivering promising outcomes.Since independence, the MoA has developed several value addition projects, mainly within the animal resources sub-sector. Mr. Kahsay notes that a number of meat and milk processing plants have emerged and registered encouraging results. However, value addition projects for fruits and vegetables have not been as successful as hoped in the past. Determined to address this, in 2018, the MoA and the FAO launched two technical cooperation projects (TCPs) which aimed to promote value addition in banana and citrus fruits in different parts of the country. Currently, the importance of…


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