July 10, 2020

Agriculture Graduates Running Major Farm Projects

by Kesete Ghebrehiwet
Over 1,600 experts in Animal Science and other fields of agriculture, who are all graduates of institutions of higher education, have been working in various agricultural fields of Eritrea’s Crops and Livestock Corporation (ECLC).The impact of institutions of higher education in humanresource development is vividly seen in the overall development of farm projects and other work areas which testify to the worthiness of the investments being made in the education sector.

Weldegebriel Gebremariam, who studied Soil and Water Conservation and General Irrigation at Sawa Center for Vocational Training, is now working as a manager of Adi- Omar farm project in the Gash- Barka region. He said, “We have been acquiring skills through skill transfer programs and we have learnt a lot from our seniors.” Berhane Asmerom, a graduate from Hamelmalo Agricultural College, is currently working as head of Animal science in AdiOmar Agricultural project.


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