May 13, 2022

Central Region: Success in Reforestation

By Kesete Ghebrehiwet
Protecting the natural environment and redressing Eritrea with vegetation has been a major task in Eritrea following its independence. Students Summer Work Program was launched in 1994 with the grand goal of working for reforestation, soil and water conservation and environmental protection. The reforestation programs carried out in the post-independence period have shown remarkable progress. This article briefly highlights the reforestation campaigns, including soil and water conservation and tree planting programs in the Central region.To make the greening campaign in the Central region a success, over one million tree seedlings have been supplied annually by nine nursery stations in the region. The major nurseries are located in Bietghergish and Adi-Quntsi (Berik sub-zone), Shimanugus-Lalay (Serejeka sub-zone), Merhano…


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