May 6, 2023

Chronology of unfriendly policies and acts
Pursued by previous US Administrations

1. The profound misunderstanding that characterizes US-Eritrean ties does not emanate, as is often insinuated, from substantive differences on events surrounding the war in Somalia in 2006. It predates this singular episode. Indeed, since the 1950s when overriding US strategic interests compromised Eritrea’s right of decolonization, successive US Administrations have invariably propped up Ethiopian colonial presence in Eritrea. US principal responsibility in stifling Eritrea’s right of decolonization in the 1950s to promote its global strategic interests with the advent of the Cold War; its huge military support, including the training of local “counter-insurgency forces” to the Imperial Haile Selassie regime; its less prominent support to the Mengistu regime in spite…


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