June 5, 2020

Contribution to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Asmara, 30 May 2020
According to the Task Force of the Ministry of Health, affluent individuals in Tesenei contributed 273 thousand and 850 Nakfa, Mensura sub-zone 27 thousand and 79 Nakfa, and seven administrative areas in Tesenei sub-zone and St. Church in Tinsheai contributed a total of 65thousand and 390 Nakfa.Similarly, ten administrative areas and small businesses in Dubarwa sub-zone contributed a total of 80 thousand and 587 Nakfa. Other small business and cooperative associations in the Southern and Central regions also contributed a total of 21 thousand and 500 Nakfa.The administrative areas of Guila, Mensura sub-zone, and Denbe-Gu’uf extended material and financial support.


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