June 22, 2020

Contribution to fight COVID-19 pandemic
Part X

Asmara, 13 June 2020

In their second round contribution nationals in South Sudan contributed 301 thousand and 435 Dollars and 2 million and 645 thousand and 700 South Sudan Pounds to bolster the National Fund to fight COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, employees of 26 hotels in Juba contributed a total of 53 thousand and 085 Dollars, employees and owners of small businesses 106 thousand and 700 Dollars and 168 South Sudan Pounds. Similarly, YPFDJ organization in South Sudan contributed 3 thousand and 800 Dollars and 45 Pounds, Eritrean owners of water distribution trucks 60 thousand Dollars, while Eritrean communities in various cities of South Sudan contributed 41 thousand and 830 Dollars and 2 million, 119 thousand…


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