July 18, 2020

Contribution to fight Covid 19
Part XIV

Asmara, 11 July 2020
Public contribution to augment National Fund to combat the spread of corona virus is continuing. According to the daily report from the Ministry of Health, cooperative association of former members of the office of secretariat contributed 50 thousand Nakfa, and several cooperative associations, administrative areas as well as small scale businesses contributed a total of over 37 thousand Nakfa. Likewise, Eritreans and friends of Eritrea in Athens, Greek, contributed 3 thousand and 260 Euro to augment the National Fund to combat the spread of corona virus.
In related news, Mr. Osman Ahmedin, head of youth organization in Foro sub-zone, commended the role of the youth in the sub zone in the effort to develop the awareness and contribution of the public in the fight to combat the spread of corona virus.


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