June 26, 2015

Demonstrations in Geneva

Demonstrations in Geneva

Eritrean citizens residing in several European cities yesterday staged a big demonstration in Geneva  to express indignation at the fallacious and defamatory reports issued by the ‘Commission of Inquiry and the Special Rapporteur (SR)’.

The demonstrators underlined that Eritrea safeguards the basic rights of its citizens, as a consequence of which it has earned the reputation of being an island of peace and security in a war-torn region.  The reports issued by these entities with dubious credibility are politically motivated  and deliberately designed to tarnish Eritrea’s image, the demonstrators amplified.  These schemes are woven to deflect international attention from Ethiopia’s continued occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories in violation of the EEBC arbitral award as well as to create another instrument to harass Eritrea which remains under unjust UN sanctions.

Meanwhile, Eritrean citizens residing in other countries around the globe sent messages of solidarity to their compatriots who staged the demonstrations  in Geneva.

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