July 4, 2020

ECLC Farms: Creating Jobs, Transferring Skills and Allevaiting Challenges

by Kesete Ghebrehiwet
The commencement of integrated and vast agricultural activities in Gerset, Aligidir, Fanko-Rawi and Fanko-Tsum’e, Goluj, Ketai and other areas of Laelai-Gash by Eritrea’s Crops and Livestock Corporation (ECLC) has opened employment opportunities, skill transfer, technical assistance and exchange of farm-related experiences to farmers and graduates from colleges and training institutions. When the farm projects were at their initial stage ten years ago, limited farm activities were carried out by inexperienced workers who gradually acquired skills through practical engagement in the fields.Ever since 2014, when graduates in agriculture were assigned to the farm project in great numbers, graduates from Hamelmalo College of Agriculture, Adi-Halo and other institutes have been deployed to the farm zone.


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