August 12, 2018

ENDA- Creating awareness through education

By Semhar Mebrahtu | Diabetes has become one of the rapidly increasing non-communicable diseases that threatens public health all over the world. Eritrea is no exception. The 2010 nation-wide community based survey shows 4.7% prevalence of diabetes in Eritrea. According to Diabetes Atlas magazine, 5th edition, death attributed to diabetes reached over 1,280 in 2012. Generally, in Eritrea, diabetes is treated at general outpatient clinics or hospitals. The increase in the number of patients has led to the opening of specialized diabetes clinics at Halibet Specialized and Hazhaz hospitals. Several hospitals in the other regions of the country have also started diabetes care clinics as general outpatient service. The Eritrean National Diabetes Association (ENDA) has been striving to do its share in diabetes prevention, care and treatment.

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