May 6, 2022

Eritrea: Behind the Success of Desert Locust Control

Having recently concluded its desert locust control operations for the winter breeding season, the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is now preparing for the summer breeding season and controlling tree locusts in some parts of the Gash-Barka Region. This issue of the Monthly Newsletter aims to provide readers with general background about desert locust control in Eritrea. The Public Relations Division of the MoA has conducted interviews with Mr. Heruy Asghedom, Director General of the Agricultural Extension Department, Mr. Tedros Sium, Head of the Migratory Pests Control Unit, Mr. Tekleab Misghina, Director General of the Regulatory Services Department, and Mr. Tesfit Ghebrezgabhier, Head of the Crop Production Division and Desert Locust Operations Coordinator in the Northern Red-sea Region.


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