September 17, 2022

Eritrea Rejects EU’s Unwarranted Accusations

A Press Statement “on the latest developments in Ethiopia’’ issued by the Spokespersons of the EU on Wednesday this week accuses Eritrea for “impeding the ongoing efforts towards peace in Ethiopia’’.  This accusation is not only factually baseless but it also overlooks, willfully and for ulterior political considerations, the fundamental causes and dynamics of the war in Ethiopia. In the first place, the war in Ethiopia was triggered by the TPLF when it launched a massive, premeditated and unprovoked War of Insurrection against the Federal Government in the first weeks of November 2020.  TPLF’s war plans included concomitant military measures against Eritrea as part and parcel of its hostile policies of territorial aggrandizement and “regime change” that it had doggedly pursued for almost two decades when it was at the helm of power in Ethiopia. It must be emphasized here that the EU – both collectively and through its individual Member States – extended substantial budgetary and other fungible assistance to the TPLF throughout these years despite…


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መጅልስ አምን ወለዛልም ቀራራቱ ድድ ኤረትርየ

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