July 12, 2022

Eritrea-Somalia Joint Statement on the Visit of H. E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to Eritrea

At the invitation of H. E Isaias Afwerki, President of the State of Eritrea, H. E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, paid an official state visit to Eritrea from July 9-12, 2022.
The visit underscored the historic fraternal ties and mutual solidarity between the peoples of Eritrea and Somalia.
During his stay, and accompanied by President Isaias, President Hassan Sheikh toured development projects in the Southern and Red Sea Regions of Eritrea with a particular focus on water security and management, agriculture, dairy production, green energy, and infrastructural development.
A highlight of President Hassan Sheikh’s stay was his visit to the members of the National Army of Somalia who has been undertaking military training in Eritrea. In his address to the trainees…


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