August 29, 2020

Eritrean Nationals Residing Inside the Country and Abroad

Contribution to combat The spread of Corona virus Pandemic
From the 3rd of April to the 23rd of August 2020

When Eritreans at home and abroad, felt that the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic was creeping towards the Horn of Africa, including Eritrea, they immediately took the initiative to help what they could provide in terms of financial and in-kind assistance in order to support the Eritrean government’s effort to prevent the spread of this deadly virus among Eritreans. In a short lapse of time, they were able to collect large amounts of money in various currencies, including the national currency, Nakfa.

But what is more important than the money raised, is the initiative of Eritreans at home and abroad to mobilize and sensitize all their energies alongside their people and government in a creative and wonderful symphony. In the event, no wonder then, that Eritrea has not recorded any Covid-19 death until now. Moreover, Eritrea is less affected by Coronavirus, not only in Africa, but in the whole world.


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