December 16, 2015

Eritrea’s Stance on Security Council Resolution 1907

Eritrea's Stance on Security Council Resolution 1907Through Resolution 1907, The United Nations Security Council adopted a package of sanctions against Eritrea on 23 December 2009 last year. As Eritrea elucidated at the time, as well as through various communications to the Security Council and other UN Member States in the subsequent period, the sanctions resolution is not based on facts and law. No solid evidence was presented proving that Eritrea was guilty of perpetrating grave acts that threaten regional and international peace in contravention of, and as stipulated in the UN Charter. The truth is Eritrea has been and remains the aggrieved party.

Resolution 1907 is in essence a political act that has nothing to do with international la and justice. As UN Security Council members knows and readily admit, it was passed on the SC by the United States, which has long harboured antipathy towards Eritrea. The timing itself was not coincidental or merely auspicious but represents a culmination of the unprovoked, concerted and multi-faceted effort directed against Eritrea.

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