October 23, 2020

Eritrea’s Statement to OACPS Subcommittee of the Parliamentary Assembly

Statement of the Eritrean Delegation to the 56th Session of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States/OACPS Parliamentary Assembly, Subcommittee on Political, Humanitarian, Social and Cultural/PHSC Affairs on Oct 22, 2020

Mr. Chair,
Thank you for giving me the floor. Sadly, on October 8 this month, the European Parliament adopted a resolution replete with baseless allegations and insults to Eritrea. Due to brevity of time, I will focus on the most egregious recitals and paragraphs of the resolution.
Mr. Chair,
The title of the Resolution indicates that the EP act is prompted “notably by the case of Dawit Isaac”. However, fourteen out of the twenty recitals and 12 of its paragraphs have nothing to do with this person. This fact clearly demonstrates that “the Case of Dawit” is invoked as a mere pretext to pursue sinister agendas of portraying a very bleak picture of Eritrea and…


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