June 20, 2020

Eternal glory to our Dauntless Martyrs!

Randa Osman
Martyrs’ Day is the time when all Eritreans come together to commemorate their fallen heroes — those who gave their lives in the 30-year war to liberate their motherland and later to preserve the hard-gained independence. The determination, resilience, love and selflessness of our freedom fighters led the independence struggle against all odds to victory. Indeed, Eritrea has proven to the world that unity and love can make miracles.Some times we may get so caught up in our daily lives that we take what we have for granted. Martyrs’ Day helps us remember that the ground we stand on without any fear of a bomb striking us, the air we breathe, the coffee shops and restaurants we visit in the late hours without any concern of getting arrested or killed, the comforts of our homes or neighbourhoods we go back to after…


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