August 29, 2022

Foreign Minister Osman Saleh’s statement At TICAD Conference

Mr. Chairman
Honourable Ministers
Distinguished Delegates
Allow me first to join previous speakers to extend our profound gratitude to the Governments of Tunisia and Japan for organizing this International Conference. Almost thirty years have elapsed since the launching of the TICAD Forum in 1993.  In this respect, this is an auspicious time to undertake a comprehensive, objective and factual appraisal of the progress achieved by the Forum so far on the basis of the following key pillars and matrices: i) the extent of TICAD’s contribution in tackling Africa’s developmental challenges; and, ii) its enhancement of the principle of African ownership within the matrix or framework of international partnership. This assessment is critical in our current consultations as we ponder on ways and means for moving forward to expand our shared values and common objectives.


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