January 29, 2021

Former US Ambassadors to Ethiopia:
Fanning the flames of Conflict

Four former US Ambassadors to Ethiopia wrote an open letter to Ethiopia’s Prime Minister last week expressing their “concern on the recent political developments in the country’’. The open letter was published in the Reporter on January 26 this week upon their express request. While we prefer not to comment on their biased views in regard to the situation in Ethiopia, we cannot but express our profound dismay at their provocative and ill-intentioned swipe at Eritrea in their letter. The Ambassadors insinuate a non-existent threat from Eritrea to the “territorial integrity of Ethiopia’’. Let us first skim through the track record of these Ambassadors whose collective service in Ethiopia spans the critical years – from 1999 until 2016 – of intermittent wars and conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea.


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