November 4, 2019

From Recent Confidential Archives!
CIA and Mossad’s role against Eritrea

1. A subversive scheme mapped out by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to instigate turmoil and upheaval in Eritrea to precipitate “regime change”;

2. A confidential report circulated by the Israeli Intelligence Agency (MOSSAD) with malicious intent of demonizing the Government of Eritrea by falsely associating it with “terrorist organisations” in the Middle East.

These outlandish schemes were hatched in the second half of 2011.  In terms of purpose and intent, they were intertwined with numerous other acts of hostility pursued by various powers with much frenzy in those times.

As it will be recalled, acts of hostility perpetrated against Eritrea in the past 20 years, purportedly to advance certain “global strategies”, were numerous indeed.  Some of these reprehensible acts include:


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