June 26, 2021

Gel’alo sub-zone: Successful Development Endeavors

By Habtom Tesfamichael
Gel’alo sub-zone, one of the ten sub-zones of the Northern Red Sea region, is located along the Red Sea coast with a potential for the development of the fish industry and tourism. Mr. Mahmud Ibrahim, the administrator of the Gel’alo sub-zone, said that to make it easy to give social services scattered villages have been relocated to one site. Until Eritrea’s independence, there was no social service institution that the people of the sub-zone could rely on. Therefore, one of the primary tasks of the government was to establish basic institutions that help people live a stable and improved life. Providing adequate health service is essential for a healthy society and must be assured for everyone. Prior to the independence of Eritrea, there was no health facility in the sub-zone and the people of the sub-zone had to travel to Massawa by boat or other…


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