April 25, 2020

Gerset: integrated farm Project

Kesete Ghebrehiwet

The construction of Gerset Dam some years back played a substantial role for the establishment of integrated farm activities in Gerset. As part of the wider farm areas of Golug sub-zone, Gerset has moved forward the expansion of farm activities in large scale around Gerset Dam. Since its establishment in 2000, Gerset Farm Project has been expanded into various sections that include horticulture – fruits, vegetables, crops and animal feed — and animal husbandry, Sesame, sorghum and maize are among the most commonly grown during the rainy season. Although the amount of water in the dam is sufficient for carrying out agricultural activities, the sustainability of the farms can only be ensured through judicious utilization of water. For this reason, drip irrigation is promoted to minimize wastage. The farm project has three sections known as “Farm A”, “Farm B” and “Farm C” and around 110 hectares have been cultivated under the first section.


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