February 20, 2021

Greetings to dimzi hifash
on the day of the radio

Muhammad Nur Yahya
The world celebrated the World Radio Day on the thirteenth of February, which has been adopted by UNESCO since 2011.Radio is known as an effective tool for celebrating human life in all its diversity, and it remains the most widely used media in the world. As the radio has this unique ability to reach a very large number of people, it allows everyone to obtain news and information, and allows them to express their opinions, represent them and listen to them by providing a variety of programs, viewpoints and contents. Here, it is necessary to address dimzi hifash )the voice of the Eritrean masses(, which was one of our most important tools in the independence struggle ,it allowed us to confront the falsity of Ethiopian colonialism, revealing the facts and keeping abreast of the political and military developments of the revolution. It also worked to link early to the Eritrean people wherever they were and enabled them to…


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