February 4, 2013

Human Rights Watch Attempts to Terrorizes the People of Eritrea’

Human Rights Watch Attempts to Terrorizes the People of Eritrea'by Amanuel Biedemariam | Human Rights Watch (HRW) is a political organization manipulating human rights agendas to further Western and US hegemony globally. The international community is yet to wake up to the reach, penetration, funding, ability and, all the activities HRW conducts globally.

HRW is funded by sources that pursue global US and Western agendas. The leadership, based in the US, runs offices around the world and has affiliation to think tank groups and lobbying services in key strategic areas to further Western hegemony.

In the US, HRW’s leaders are individuals that bounce in-and-out of government circles, intelligence agencies, diplomatic missions etc… HRW funds mainstream media organizations and individuals, radio stations, print, NGO’s and major think-tank groups with connections to US government circles.

To connect the dots between US political circles, the White House spanning many presidents including President Barack Obama to HRW, we can look at the leadership and funding sources.  In 2011, George Soros donated over $100 Million to HRW. Soros also contributed over $100 million in the 2012 election for campaign purposes. Soros runs and funds The Open Society Foundation and the Human Rights Watch largely.

The Council on Foreign Relations is one of THE most powerful organizations in the US. Many consider CFR to be the preeminent mind and power of the US. According to sources, the primary foreign policy directives and directions of the US emanates from CFR. Moreover, this is where everything colludes; HRW’s, CFR’s and The Open Society Foundation’s goals are essentially the same; global domination. According to the mission statement of The Open Society Foundation:

“The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people. We seek to strengthen the rule of law; respect for human rights, minorities, and a diversity of opinions; democratically elected governments; and a civil society that helps keep government power in check. We help to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems and safeguard fundamental rights. We implement initiatives to advance justice, education, public health, and independent media. We build alliances across borders and continents on issues such as corruption and freedom of information. Working in every part of the world, the Open Society Foundations place a high priority on protecting and improving the lives of people in marginalized communities.”

At a glance, the mission sounds noble but, as always, the devil is on the details. The mission statements raise many questions, the most critical being sovereignty. The mission statements assail sovereignty but worse, there is no legal mechanism to hold to account HRW, CSF, OSF and others for illegal or questionable practices on their part.
It is however by design that there is no international legal mechanism to check the array of tools, means, human and other resources utilized in pursuit of their agendas.

According to Reality Bites, the agenda of CFR, quoting  Admiral Chester Ward who claimed that the ultimate goal of the Council on Foreign relation was the:

“Submergence of US sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government.”

The CFR’s penetration into the power circles of the US is deep. To underscore the significance; the names of some of the current and past board members of the organization include President Bush 41, Joe Biden, Dick Chaney, Former Secretary of State James Baker, Colin Powell, Senators Howard Baker, Lieberman, McCain and Olivia Snow to name few. It includes major mainstream media personalities such as George Stephanopoulos, Charlie Rose and Fareed Zakaria. Hollywood is represented amply by the likes of Angelina Jolie. Powerhouse personalities like Zbigniew Brzezinski, NBA Commissioner David Stern and others are the mainstay. In short, who and who of US power is participant-representing cross-section of US social fabric from defense, to banking, entertainment, sports etc…

To draw more connection between Washington’s power circles and, to further examine how these entanglements mesh, we can look at Peter Osnos, one of the long tenured leaders of HRW and his relations to mainstream media, publishing and communication-means in the US and globally. According to the Atlantic,

“Peter Osnos is a journalist turned book editor/publisher. He spent 18 years at the Washington Post, where he was variously Indochina bureau chief, Moscow correspondent, foreign editor, national editor and London bureau chief.  He was publisher of Random House’s Times Books Division from 1991 to 1996, and was also vice president and associate publisher of the Random House imprint. Authors he has worked with include President Bill Clinton, former President Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn Carter, Nancy Reagan, former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, Barack Obama,” et al.

The power circle in Washington is small. The direction is provided by CFR and the forceful implantation of HRW’s open society agenda is carried out using any resources, means and tactics available. The reach and sophistry applied in pursuit of these agendas is complicated and not readily apparent by the unsuspecting public.

The key here is how does the agenda manifest in Africa? The foundations of African nations are stripped methodically or by force to the point that there exists no nation in Africa that can be considered independent to date. From coast to coast, east, west, south, north and center, Africa is full of dictators implanted by the West. These tyrants sell the rights of the mines and resources to the West without the consent of the people. As a result, Africa is stripped of its resources. It is therefore, inconceivable to consider African nations able to extract their wealth and resources for the use and benefit of the people.

There exist no sovereignty in resource rich countries like Libya, Tunis, Algeria, Nigeria, Somalia, Congo, Ivory Coast and Iraq in the Mid-East amongst many. The whole idea is to dissolve these nations, strip them from their national identities, render them powerless, control them using greedy, and power hungry servants to control the majority. These countries may have an African face in the presidential palaces but the West runs them! And when and if any country fails to follow the path; the wrath of these destabilization forces will reign upon it. Currently, the State of Eritrea fit the bill.

The government of Eritrea has taken an independent path and that has made it a target of HRW and others that want to destabilize the nation. The people and government of Eritrea pose no threat to Western interests anywhere in the world. The people of Eritrea do not fit the profiles of any of the global enemies of the West.

Historically, the West has denied justice to the people of Eritrea. The government and people of Eritrea as one have been demanding justice from the international community and the US for decades and, denied.  When all African countries were handed their “independence,” Eritrea was denied. As a result, Eritrea was forced to wage armed struggle that lasted 30 years.

During the struggle for independence, when villages were torched and families tortured by Ethiopian forces, the Human Rights Watch was not interested on the people of Eritrea. When Eritrean farm-land was torched turning industrious farmers into desperate wonderers, villages burned displacing millions, when they cried for help to anyone that can, the HRW was nowhere; Eritrea’s plea fell on deaf ears. The only way Eritrea became free and charted her own destiny was by believing in self-reliance. Eritrea nurtured a successful culture of self-reliance and that separates her from the rest.

Eritrea, by carefully positioning her strengths i.e. by building roads, bridges, dams, hospitals, educational facilities and the infrastructures necessary that can facilitate trade; by creating a stable and peaceful environment, is able to attract foreign investments in mining and other ventures. Furthermore, Eritrea has educated workforce, great weather, strategic location and other positive factors that give her strong bargaining position in dealing with mining companies that traditionally paid African countries nothing for decades. Eritrea’s foresight and ingenuity was able to change that trend.

Eritrea’s focus is social justice. As such, Eritrea was able to chart a methodical approach to deal with the massive social challenge that it faced after independence. Eritrea dealt with it brilliantly. If left alone Eritrea will soar. That however, is not what the West wants to see. They want to tame it sooner than later and to that end, they have so far been able to place illegal arms embargo denying Eritrea the inalienable right to self-defense. They tried to place a sanction measure that targeted the budding mining industry, and failed. Thence, the Human Rights Watch targeting Eritrea’s mining has nothing to do with Humanity or, Rights. It is sheer greed-based attempt to cripple an African nation that found ways to overcome traditional hurdles that paralyzed African nations for centuries.

The recent HRW report on Eritrea was compiled by Daniel Bekele HRW Africa desk. Daniel Bekele, archenemy of the Eritrean people is an Ethiopian that supports the regime in Ethiopia, a nation that is illegally occupying sovereign Eritrea territories in violation of international laws and treaties that HRW ignores. Daniel Bekele, in pursuit of Ethiopia’s agenda presented fabricated stories that target the mining industry. HRW is banned organization in many parts of the world precisely because of its fabrications.

The reality however, Human Rights Watch has mastered the art of deception. To purse and legitimize interventionist agendas of the US and the West, human rights have become a rallying cry against targeted nations such as Eritrea. The methodology HRW applies against Eritrea is from the same blueprint used in many countries.

The aim of the campaign is to delegitimize and cripple governments. Assail sovereignty to the point that it is unrecognizable. Render the public helpless to submission. The stages are: demonize, penalize and rationalize on the grounds of humanitarian intervention.

The current HRW report places a great deal of emphasis on the methodology applied in gathering the stories. However, if presented to a judge it will be tossed out for hearsay, innuendo, conflict of interest, jurisdiction and a whole host of reasons. For black Africans however, justice does not matter in the eyes of HRW.  And unfortunately, that is the modus operandi. In fact, they take pride on the effectiveness of the strategy.

According to the Atlantic, quoting Osnos, “Human Rights Watch calls its people in the field “researchers,” a term that can be misleading, indicating somehow that they are deskbound. In fact, they are the opposite, positioned to move into zones of trouble at the first signs of conflict. But to call them journalists or reporters would be a misnomer also, because they are mission-driven to find and record every violation of international standards. Their goal is to bring perpetrators to account and end the abuses they uncover. Nonetheless, their empirical precision with detail has earned the researchers and the HRW communications and executive leadership that guide them confidence from across the media spectrum. HRW is cited in countless news reports every day without qualification by the most important independent news gatherers in print, online, and broadcast.”

The field researchers in this case are the Don Connells, Paulos Tesfaghiorgis, et al; the mission driven journalists are the Awate’s, Asmarino and cohorts. Their empirical precision was exposed by the exaggerated shady reporting of the racist South African apartheid era journalist Martin Plaut of the BBC, and Leonard Vincent, RSF Africa desk, about events of January 21. The international community consumed the exaggerated accounts by CNN and other networks without independent verification simply based on what Plaut and Vincent reported. To consolidate the case, Al Jazeera brought people that do not represent Eritrea in anyway shape and presented them as experts in a sense misleading the world. In the meantime, terrorist partners vandalized Eritrean embassy in London and elsewhere that Plaut declared peaceful.

One of the biggest problems the world faces today is the monopoly of power, information and resources. African countries such as Eritrea are at a great disadvantage. And the most important point any African can take from the Eritrean example is how the demonization works. Once a target, the fabricated accusations are bound layered upon the innocent victim. No one will fact-check the criminal process that took place at the UN to push the illegal sanctions on the people of Eritrea. Yet, they regurgitate the sanction over and gain to pursue or make nonexistent cases against Eritrea.

And after the publication of HRW’s report on Eritrea, the report is will be recycled by these very organizations repeatedly. There is no legal recourse, statute of limitation or process to stop the libel and defamation on the State of Eritrea. This is the process The Human Rights Watch, RSF and others use to terrorize the people of Eritrea to emasculate them to submission. Once the public disengages out-of frustration; destabilization takes place easily and, to keep it destabilized, perpetuating a divide and rule mechanism is effective.

Destabilizing target countries is the cheapest way to infiltrate and take over countries. All that is needed is the understanding of the cultures, religious and ethnic weaknesses and exploit them. What HRW and its agents fail to understand is that the people of Eritrea overcame these divisions to become free from the chains the US and the West placed on the people of Eritrea. The long struggle Eritrea endured is providing the inner strength and experience necessary to stave off these malicious attempts. The unity of Eritrean people, their resolve, confidence on each other and confidence on the government is proving resilient. That is what is frustrating them to the point that they have all taken the fight and made it theirs. Just imagine, Martin Plaut, a product of apartheid South African fighting for the rights of Eritreans based on lies, exaggeration, misinformation and deceit. Eritreans will not allow it.


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