February 9, 2012

Inhabitants call on concerned body to build fences for Belew-Kelew historical site

Senafe, 8 February 2012 – The inhabitants of Senafe sub-zone have called on the concerned body to build fences for Belew-Kelew historical site.

Pointing out that Belew-Kelew is one of the county’s ancient historical sites, Mr. Beyene Abraham, called on the Eritrean National Museum to reinforce endeavors to preserve historical artifacts and places.

Merigeta Kifle Gebreselasie indicated that efforts have been made to enhance public awareness regarding the preservation of historical artifacts. Beyene Abraha, a clerk, equally explained that Senafe sub-zone, a center of historical heritage, has been visited by a number of local and foreign tourists.

The historical Belew-Kelew site is located 2 Km. south of Senafe town, and is one of the places expected to be registered in the World Heritage List.

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