December 26, 2020

Interview with Mohamed Ali Idriss

Head of Ministry of Education’s branch at Afabet sub-zone

By Mussie Efriem | Education is one of the most significant social services the Eritrean government has been giving. By building schools in villages and remote locations and by launching adult education programs such as literacy campaigns, the government has been striving to make education accessible for all age groups and both gender. In the following translation of an interview with Hadas Eritrea, head of Ministry of Education’s branch at Afabet sub-zone, Mohamed Ali Idris talks about their challenges and achievements in education at his sub-zone.

What is the condition of education like in Afabet sub-zone?
The educational service given at our subzone has been growing fairly from time to time. We have 1289 pre-school students in 12 schools, 6297 students in 27 elementary schools and 2877 students in 13 junior schools in this sub-zone. Until 2007, there wasn’t any secondary school in the…


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