October 26, 2018

Interview with
Mohamed Hassan
“The spring of Ethiopia”


In August, Mohamed Hassan returned from a trip to Ethiopia. He has traveled throughout the country and has been visiting several regions such as Oromia, Amhara and Somali Region (Ogaden). Mohamed gave lectures and participated in seminars. He met several former opposition leaders and had a meeting with the new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. The trip was also a personal boost for him. At the beginning of his journey, some have recognized him because for years he has presented his analyses on the Web TV of the opposition: Oromo TV, SBS – Amharic and ESAT TV. During his stay, he even became a celebrity because of his regular appearances on national and local television. People came to shake his hand, young Ethiopians of different nationalities thanked him for his analyses and efforts. He received gifts from ordinary people.

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