August 15, 2020

Introducing farmers to hydroponic and aqua-ponic farming

by Kesete Ghebrehiwet
The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is introducing hydroponic and aqua-ponic farming system to farmers to augment fodder production for animal feed and ensure nutrition security. Hydroponic and aqua-ponic farming improves the supply of nutritious food through alternative methods and is believed to be a timely solution to the deficit of green animal feed. Ensuring fodder security for animals will help increase dairy production and will make a difference in livestock husbandry.

More food can be produced in aquaponics green houses in a sustainable way through judicious utilization of water. Aquaponics helps produce healthier food and also helps protect the environment. As it can be used in an urban environment it helps increase agricultural produce. Countries like Eritrea that mainly depend on rain-fed subsistence farming consider the introduction of hydroponic and aquaponics farming as a…


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